Top 10 Viral Sensations of the Decade

#10 The Grumpy Cat

The grumpy cat is truly iconic. With melancholy, pessimistic humor paired along side this great photo, nothing can go wrong. Grumpy cat saw its prime popularity from 2010-2012.

#9 Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife

A news story went viral about a man breaking into people’s houses in an apartment complex. They interviewed an individual from the complex, and his answer had a little more energy than they expected. The viral portion of this interview is when the man warns others to hide their wife and kids in a somewhat unintentionally comedic way.

#8 Gangnam Style

At the start of the decade, there was no denying this music video that took the internet by storm, ripping through youtube records like a freight train. With a fun dance, and a catchy tune along side the viral video, the success was inevitable.

#7 What Does the Fox Say

Much like the previous, this video also racked up a significant amount of views in just a few short weeks. The song itself is rather annoying, which some argue may be the reason for it’s popularity.

#6 The Ellen Degeneres Grammy Selfie

This selfie was taken at the Grammy’s and took over the internet shortly after. With so many iconic faces in one picture, the popularity was undeniable.

#5 The Color Dress

This dress went viral on the internet over the famous debate surrounding it. Some see it as blue and black, and other’s see it white and gold. The dress soon went viral as we all tried to figure out for certain what the color really was. Team white and gold!

#4 Miss Universe Wrong Winner

Steve Harvey was speaking for the miss universe winner. He then famously announced the WRONG winner, and as the crown and sash was presented, it then had to be removed and announced who the true winer was. YIKES!

#3 Mannequin Challenge

This challenge took over the internet due to its fun and light heartedness. The challenge is simple: everyone finds a funny position and then freezes like a mannequin while someone pans around the room with a video, filming everyone sitting still. They all look like mannequins!

#2 Daniels Vans

This video took over the internet of someone making fun of his friend Daniel’s all white shoes. Clips of the video and audio were all over the internet and still can be stumbled upon to this day.

#1 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This challenge was to let someone dump a bucket of ice water on you, and a funny reaction normally follows. The feeling of an ice bucket washing over you is said to be comparable to the feeling of having the disease ALS. Funds from the challenge benefitted the disease. With a good intention behind it, there is no question why this viral sensation lands at #1.