2020 positive takeaways


Credit: https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/man-jumps-from-year-2020-2021-with-sunlight-sea-as-background_8706426.htm

Sophia Rozycki , Staff writer

2020 has most definitely been an extremely challenging year for everyone. With school shifting in and out of modes, and the scare of COVID affecting many Saint Joe families personally, we would just like to thank all students, teachers, and staff, for persevering even through the toughest of times. In honor of this difficult year, we asked some of the students what their greatest takeaways from 2020 were.

A fair majority of the students stated that their greatest takeaway from 2020 was spending more quality time with family. Others said that just staying safe and healthy was what they were grateful for. In addition to these takeaways many said that the pandemic gave them some time to work on self-growth and self love. It was a well-deserved break that many students seemed to need

Some students even shared that due to so much isolation, their families had decided to adopt pets. Others took up new hobbies such as baking, hiking, and painting. I believe that while this year has been extremely difficult for us all, there were many opportunities for growth and self-exploration due to the time we had isolated from others.

Despite all the hardships and struggles we faced, we are extremely impressed with every student and staff member’s dedication to Saint Joe. Thank you all for the hard work and perseverance this semester! We will continue to pray for a better 2021, and the ability to attend in person school this final semester. Go Indians!