St. Joe Artist Spotlight: Mairi Weber-Hess

Maggie Mark, Staff Writer

Within the close ranks of the AP Art class here at St. Joe is Mairi Weber-Hess, a senior with proficiency in both 2D and 3D art. Mairi says she tends to draw inspiration from “nature and the world around [her]” and that she “particularly like[s] using flowers and vines as well as coral and other underwater objects” in her pieces. She especially enjoys “working with clay, glazes, and watercolor”, which she’s had plenty of practice with both inside and out of class. Pictured in the slideshow, in order of creation, are a few of her favorite pieces from previous years, made with an abundance of vibrant glazes and textures.

Now in an AP Art class, a student puts together a collection of pieces over the school year that answer their sustained investigation, or SI. Mairi’s current SI deals with “the intersection of nature and humanity” and inquires, “how do humans and nature interact?” To answer the question of what creation she’s most proud of this school year, Mairi responded, “I am particularly proud of the tower I made. It has a lot of good color work and the glazing on top that makes me really happy with how it turned out.” The aforementioned piece is displayed last, fittingly entitled Smoke Stack

When questioned for any art tips, Mairi advised, “Try new things often, push yourself out of your comfort zone and do things you haven’t tried before. You don’t have to find a style right away. Take the time to learn new things, not just what’s generally used in your media. Explore concepts from around the world and as many forms of art as you can”.