New Room In The Counseling Office


The Mental health room

Avery Herendeen, Staff Writer

Mental Health has a huge affect on high school students due to high expectations to perform well inside and outside of the classroom. Halle Gilbert and Avery Herendeen, have personally experienced this resulting in high stress and anxiety and also have seen it in their peers.

Both seniors this year, Halle and Avery decided it was time to make a change in how students are coping with their mental health obstacles. Beginning brainstorming in March of 2020, the idea was to create a relaxing space for students to utilize for a break, renaming it the Mental Health Room. This space’s purpose would be to be a new resource for students to take a step away from school. 

Then taking action, they brought the idea to The Director of Counseling, Mrs. Strabavy and the Assistant Principal for Academics, Ms. Gallagher; they were just as ready and excited to create a new resource and space for students. But the unexpected happened, due to COVID-19 the school was closed, putting the development of the room on pause.

Despite the setback of COVID, Halle and Avery worked throughout the summer for the Mental Health Room to be available for the Fall 2020 Semester. Still being delayed due to COVID, by January of 2021 the room is finally open for students to use.

The room is located inside the counseling office and is available for all students through the entire school day. It is a place for students to use as a place to take a step away for a moment. Inside the room there are also many calming activities available and the option to talk to any of the counselors.