Podcast Recommendations for Quarantine

Podcast Recommendations for Quarantine

Cole Moser

     After a semester and a half of quarantine, plus a summer and winter break thrown in to spare, it’s safe to say that we are well past the point of just cabin fever. At this point we can all use some new way to spend our time, and podcasts can be an entertaining way to spend those otherwise boring hours cooped up at home. 

     Podcast subjects range from informative, to narrative, to comedic, and so, so much more. If someone can talk about it, there’s probably a podcast about it, which means listeners can (and should) search for whatever topics interest them. That said, here are some recommendations for popular podcasts anyone might enjoy.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

     “An advice show for the modern era.” This weekly comedy podcast, hosted by the titular brothers Justin, Travis, and McElroy has been running since 2010. They work together to solve listener submitted problems in the absolute worst way possible. The boys’ improvisational skills, and perfect chemistry have me actually laughing out loud at least twice an episode. Spice the formula up with recurring segments like nonsense game shows, and segments mocking fast food chains’ absurd press releases and this podcast is sure to lift anyone’s spirits through this stressful time. 

Revisionist History

     An educational and entertaining podcast by Malcom Gladwell, author of the books Blink, and Outliers. Each episode of the podcast looks into a topic that Gladwell feels has been left on the wayside of history, and goes into it in depth. The topics range from the specific, like the first episode’s focus on the painting, “The Roll Call” to the broad like the impact on race in the criminal justice systems. The episodes are intercut with interviews and conversations with various experts, and Gladwell’s commentary, familiar to readers of his other works. As someone who prefers comedy and narrative podcasts, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed listening to “Revisionist History.” I’d definitely recommend this podcast to any listener looking for a little non-fiction.

Welcome to Night Vale

     WNTV is what happens when Lovecraft meets the PBS Newshour. The podcast is a local radio show set in the fictional town of Night Vale, a city located “somewhere in the Southwestern United States,” that reports on the towns’ strange goings on. However, what may seem strange and fantastical to us, is instead, just mundane to the citizens of Night Vale, who go about their daily lives, unphased by their town’s magic. Hosted by the soothing deadpan voice of Cecil Palmer (played by Cecil Baldwin) the show uses its absurd setting to make surprisingly deep, and emotional comments on what it’s like to be alive. I’ve just now gotten into it myself for the purposes of this article, and would absolutely recommend it. (This article might have been just an excuse to listen to podcasts and call it homework).