Keeping Your Spirits Up

Brian Gring

Sick of being locked in the house? Tired of the coronavirus keeping indoors? Feeling down due to poor weather? Father Terry has some tips to keep spirits up during these times. 

Father Terry has a bountiful list of ways to stay positive while stuck at home. The first is short and simple, count blessings. Write down as many things to be thankful for. A solid 10 minutes can build appreciation of every little thing in life. Second, take a walk. It doesn’t require two people to take a peaceful walk around the neighborhood to take in the beauty of nature and the beauty of God’s creation.

Another easy way to stay upbeat, pray. Father Terry recommended silent prayer in order to speak openly to God and to listen to what he has to say. Being alone is not the only option, either. Calling or video calling with someone – especially those we have lost touch with –  is a great way to stay positive during this time. Praying with others over the phone is also a great way to include others in spiritual life even when at home. 

Whether quarantined due to Covid-19 or stuck inside from snow, always remember that there are easy ways to stay joyful and that one does not have to leave the house to strengthen a relationship with God and others.