A New Look Into 2021


Sammie Jurkovic

As a senior at Saint Joseph High School, I can support the facts on how our senior year has been affected by Covid-19. But no matter what us seniors have had taken away from us, students all over the school have found ways to beat through this isolation together.

Seniors cite college admission as a significant drive for this year. Whether virtual or in-person visits, the chance to go visit prospective schools have made 2021 a better year so far. Many seniors are receiving their acceptance letters and committing to their dream schools.

Sports is another massive motivator.  Thankfully here at Saint Joe, sports seasons have continued throughout the year. Many count this as a huge blessing to be able to have these sports seasons even after all of the challenges with Corona. Even though the seasons aren’t as same as they used to be, athletes and club members still have the chance to be involved during a worldwide pandemic.

As 2021 has come up very abruptly, we can use the struggles and challenges students have to under-go and still take in little bits of happiness and motivation to strive for a better future as students. For seniors, college is right around the corner. Despite feelings of being deprived, students still strive to find the little things that make this pandemic-world normal and anticipate chances to take part in traditions that signal the coming of graduation.