How many Colleges Did you Apply to?

Bella Saratore

This year is unlike any others when it comes to applying to colleges and deciding where to attend. After interviewing many Saint Joe seniors and understanding their situation, the average amount of schools each student applied to was 8, with the lowest being 1 and the highest being 22. According to, the average student applies to 4 schools or fewer, but still a quarter of students apply to even more. Saint Joe students are above this average, but there is nothing wrong with this. The amount of schools one applies to depends on the individual’s own preferences and a desire to have more potential options.

When applying, it is important to have a good combination of different types of schools one is looking for. Generally people apply to schools they are certain they will get into, while also taking their chances with a few schools which are more challenging to get in to. Saint Joe students have their assortment of different places they desire to attend, and they continue the application process this winter as college acceptance letters begin to trickle in as spring approaches.