Saint Joseph Boys Lacrosse Upcoming Season


Luke Thomas, Article

After a disappointing and quick end to last season (Spring 2020) due to COVID-19, the boys lacrosse team is anxious to get their season rolling.

The previous season ended with only two games under the boy’s belt causing the team to walk away in disbelief.  Last years team had extremely high hopes for the 1A state title.  Since this opportunity of a state championship was stripped away from the team, 2021 captains (Luke Thomas and Ethan Fullenkamp) have used the disappointment of last season to fuel the team’s intensity this season.

Ethan Fullenkamp discussed his hopes for this upcoming season,  “It was really hard not to play last season since we had such a strong team with very high hopes of a State Championship, but this year we have a very young team and us seniors are looking for their help on the field, and are hoping to make another run to state.”

The boys lacrosse team are determined to work hard this year after almost an entire year off and build toward the objective to make it to a state championship.