Catholic Schools Week


Isaac Martinez, Video Editor & Article Writer

Each year we celebrate Catholic Schools Week. Aside from the dressing up, pep rallies, and donations done during this time, what is the real meaning of Catholic Schools Week? 

Head of Pastoral Ministry Mrs. Goy shed some light on this, “Catholic Schools Week is a time for us to celebrate Catholic education.” Mrs. Goy explained that the Saint Joseph Altar and more than 60 images of saints were blessed during this week. Students and teachers even participated in the writing of affirmations, acting as witnesses to one other of the love of Christ. This encounter helps rejuvenate our spirituality – especially needed during this pandemic.

Another interesting note is that this is a nationwide event. Ours and other cooperating catholic schools participate in similar activities as well. Many associate mass with the week and as well as open house events for their students, their families, and the community. Because of these events, we and other schools reveal the value of our Catholic education. This offers many young people, parishioners, and community members a religious lifestyle that is well suitable

Although we were blessed with cupcakes and the freedom to dress comically, there’s so much more to these weeks!