St. Joe Artist Spotlight: Tea Lazareto

Maggie Mark and Tea Lazareto

From her technological artistic savvy as a part of St. Joe’s Morning Show to her impressively strong artwork as a senior in AP Art, Tea Lazareto continues to challenge herself creatively and branch out into new mediums. Amongst the media Lazareto has experimented with, like sewing and art made entirely out of red pen and sheets of old math homework, her top three favorite methods are digital, watercolor, and colored pencil. One digital piece, dubbed Art Block, is in the slideshow attached and uses colorful shapes and textures to express the situation it’s named after. 

When asked where her inspirations comes from, Lazareto noted that it depends on her motive, saying, “Just wherever. For my investigation this year, I’ve been mainly drawing inspiration from my own life experiences and relationships with others. [W]hen I’m doing art for fun I normally use celebrities as my reference [and] sometimes movies and things I see on social media”. 

Over the course of the school year, AP Art students put together a collection of pieces that answer their sustained investigation, or SI. Lazareto’s SI explores “how comparing yourself to others affects your view on yourself and the world,” accomplished through her own worldview and life within her art.

The aforementioned masterpiece in red ballpoint is the project she’s most proud of to date, admitting that “I don’t really work on big canvases so making the portrait on a poster board was definitely out of my comfort zone. However, it turned out really well! My wrist did get sore after writing those A+ over and over again. Thankfully I didn’t develop arthritis.” 

In terms of art tips, Lazareto kept it simple with a bit of short, yet essential advice: “Keep practicing and don’t look at your work for too long!”