Saint Joe Indoor Soccer Team


Emma Tincher

This school year, especially for seniors, has been nothing but normal. Students have missed out on many of the joys of school, such as student sections at sporting events or crowded lunches bustling with conversation. But, some seniors are finding a way to still have fun in these unpredictable times. 

Seniors Sammie Jurkovic, Ethan Horvath, Josie Lloyd, Courtney Bean, Maddie James, and Emma Tincher created an indoor soccer team. Every Sunday they play against teams from all around town. While some of them have experience with soccer, for others it is their first time playing. Senior Sammie Jurkovic has never played soccer in her life, but comes out strong as the team goalie.

While catching up with her about their season she said, “It is just fun to be with my friends. Even though I have never played, I still look forward to the games. It is not about being the best, it is about having fun.”

Although Sam has never played, that does not stop her and the team from having a blast. They continue to laugh, whether they are on the bench or on the field. They lighten the mood in the whole place, making it an enjoyable experience for all around them. 

As their season ended, they reflected on the best times they had together. They said the car rides to the games was one of the highlights of the experience. They would laugh and get pumped up for the game, even if they knew they were going to lose. Ethan Horvath said his favorite memory was when they played on Super Bowl Sunday and ended up tying with their opponent. To break the tie they forced the ref to allow them to shoot penalty kicks, and ended up winning. Even though they missed the Super Bowl, they couldn’t imagine a more fun place to be.

Although this year has been crazy, and we can not predict the future, seniors are still finding ways to make their final year memorable. Whether it is making a soccer team with best friends, or just hanging out with some friends, it is important to keep having fun during these unpredictable times.