High School Sweethearts

What Teachers Have Found Their High School Sweethearts?

Maddie James

Today, only two percent of marriages today are formed from high school relationships. But here at Saint Joe, we have several Saint Joe alumni who have married their high school sweethearts, and now happen to be teachers here as well.

First, Mrs. Kagel, one of our art teachers here, met her husband, Tommy while they were in Photography class, the class Mrs. Kagel actually teaches today! They started dating in her junior year (his senior year) and have been soulmates ever since, a wonderful way to end high school!

Mrs. Kagel her junior year of high school.

A second relationship that had a couple smitten were Mr. and Mrs. Smolinski. They had English class together, and coincidentally, that is what Mrs. Smo teaches now. She said, “He actually thought I was mean sophomore year, but in reality, I was just flirting with him.” Although they were friends for a year before, they didn’t start dating until their junior year of college at Indiana University of South Bend. 

Some other teachers that have met their significant other at Saint Joe are the Derwents (during high school) as well as the DePauws and the Davidsons who met while teaching together. FYI: Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Kostielney and Mrs. Fink are not married, they are siblings.

We often forget that teachers have their own love stories, and their own high school memories, similar to those that we as students are creating here daily. The fondest relationships and stories that these two teachers have created are still incorporated in the daily lives and professions, it is the subjects they are teaching!

When we think back about high school, and the times we make here at Saint Joe, we will remember the times walking in these hallways forever, and hopefully use the lessons and relationships we have learned when we grow older. High School shapes us to be who we are, and who we are going to grow into, and we can see that is evident through the teachers that have made relationships in their times here at Saint Joe.