Winter Storm in Texas

Winter Storm in Texas

Luke Thomas, Author

Texans are having a hard time getting through the unusually harsh winter conditions that they are experiencing right now.  The brutally low temperatures, ice, and snow in Texas has left millions without power for days.  On top of losing power, over 14.4 million people have reported disruptions in their water service.

According to the CNN article “A Final Round of Freezing Temperatures Strikes Texas as it Struggles to Recover from Winter Storms”, by Saturday (2/20) only 10,000 people were still without power and Houston’s water system was at “normal operating pressure citywide” although a boil advisory is still in effect.  President Biden approved a major disaster declaration for Texas which has allowed federal resources to assist Texas’ recovery.  Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott stated that the assistance from the government is “an important first step” to getting Texas back on their feet.

Texans are facing many hurdles during this winter storm.  Not only has harsh snowfall and extremely low temperatures caused problems with power outages and the state’s water.  Since Texas does not have an abundance of salt to deice, untreated ice on roads has caused many injuries and deaths.

On February 11, a 133 car pileup in Fort Worth caused the death of 6 people and over 65 injured says a The Dallas Morning News Article.  The interstate had not been salted before the crash which may have increased the severity of the pileup.  Emergency vehicles arrived while the pileup was still expanding.  There were 26 Fire Department vehicles, 80 police cars, and 13 ambulances on the scene of the crash.  The crash spanned a half-mile between Northeast 28th Street and Northside Drive in Fort Worth.  Families of the 6 who passed and the 65 injured in this accident are in our thoughts and prayers.