First Page Friday: The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds


Mrs. Brenner

Award-winning book by Jason Reynolds

Mrs. Brenner, School Library Media Specialist

Loneliness is something many people carry and cope with them in different ways. Matt is trying to figure that out and navigate through tragedies in his life. Then, he meets Lovey and learns that everyone is carrying burdens and living with their own difficulties in life. Lovey is crazy, has a crazy name, and she never cries, even though there have been enough crazy things that have happened in her life to cry about. The Boy in the Black Suit is a story about friends trudging through the worst parts of life and figuring out that the load is a little lighter when you find someone who understands how you feel. From the author who brought you The Long Way Down and All American Boys, visit the school library/media center and check out The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds.