First Page Friday: Show Me a Sign by Ann C LeZotte


Ms. Brenner

Front cover and first page of Show Me a Sign by Ann C LaZotte

Ms. Brenner, School Library Media Specialist

This story gives us a unique perspective on the meaning of survival and is based on the real history of a deaf community living on Martha’s Vineyard in early 19th century.  As great-granddaughter of an early English settler and first deaf islander on Martha’s Vineyard, Mary Lambert has always felt safe on the island and proud of her lineage. But soon things start to change in her world as tragedy hits in her family, conflict intensifies between the English settlers and the Wampanoag People, and the maniacal drive of a strange young scientist threatens the very livelihood of Mary’s beloved community. This is a great read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction. Written by deaf author and librarian Ann Clare LeZotte, Show Me a Sign is a story like no other. Check it out of the school library today.