Remembering Aidan Short


Gabe Yonto

Aidan Short was a student at Saint Joe who had a big impact on everyone he came across. Aidan would brighten up peoples days by just giving them the big smile he always had with him. On March 24, 2018 Aidan tragically passed away 10 days after his birthday in a car accident.

He was just getting ready to start his Junior baseball season – the game he loved. Aidan wanted to go play baseball in college after his high school playing days. After his death a club started at Saint Joe called Aidan’s Masterpiece dedicated to serving the community as a memory of what Aidan wanted to do with his life. The idea was inspired by the homily given at his funeral. The priest talked about how a famous composer was honored after his death when his friends collaborated to complete the symphony he had left unfinished. The priest challenged the Saint Joseph students to honor Aidan by continuing his legacy and to complete his masterpiece by serving others.

We remember his joyful spirit through our service, but we also have Aidan’s parking spot in the senior lot of the school. This spot is painted in memory of Aidan and all he wanted to with his life. Please do not walk or drive over the parking spot as this serves as a memory of what Aidan left behind at Saint Joe.