Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science

The Meaning of Four Years Together


Tracy Gergely

Pre-covid when the class informally received their white coats.

Avery Herendeen, Staff Writer

Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science is a recent four year course pathway offered at Saint Joe. The 2021 seniors are just the second class to finish the four year curriculum.

Each year throughout the pathway is focused on a different medical field; freshman year Biomedical Science, sophomore year Human Body Systems, junior year Medical Interventions, and senior year Biomedical Innovations. The course exposes high school students to use of real, hands-on medical tools and techniques. 

Senior Halle Gilbert shared some insight to the different years and the studies within them. Freshman year, the class focused on Forensic Sciences by studying a fictitious crime scene on the corpse of Anna Garcia. Students had to study Anna’s health and life routine to uncover possible causes of death for her. Sophomore year was based around the human body and the extremes it can endure. Junior year showed how medical technologies help people everyday such as prosthetics to common medications. And senior year has focused on environmental health and its effect on people everyday. A current lab the class is running for environmental health is testing the water in the school to examine what particles are in it. 

“I always knew I wanted to have a job in the medical field but never knew what field to look into but Project Lead the Way has helped me navigate this by showing me parts of different medical fields and what they may offer,” says PLTW student Avery Herendeen.

Also as a reward and symbol of accomplishment, during second semester of junior year, the students receive a white lab coat. Teacher, Mrs. Tracy Gergely sets up a ceremony to celebrate the students and all of the work they have done to earn the coats. The coat is very meaningful to the class members, as it is a formal display that they are a part of the class and proud of it.

This class gives experiences and opportunities that no other regular high school science course could give. It is a challenge for students as they take on and study real medical issues to figure out why and or how they occur. It allows hands on learning using labs with real medical tools and high technology processes. 

Besides the great academic benefits, it brings the family aspect of Saint Joe to the classroom. The same group of students is together from freshman year to senior year through each course. Not only being in the same class but the collaborative work done allows students to create a great bond with each other and their teacher. 

“It has become like a team of best friends in school, we have all become so close. I am so grateful for the class and what it has given me.”