The Softball Team Slides Into Tryouts

Can The Team Make a State Run?


Maddie James, Writer

Saint Joseph High School spring athletes were deprived of their seasons due to Covid in 2020. This spring they have the first chance to compete in two years so athletes are full of anticipation and excitement for the upcoming season. 

Softball tryouts started at the Cubs Performance Center. The girls are hungry to get back on the field to show what they can do. Seniors Maddie James, Emma Tincher, Shea Ruszkowsi, Anna Skwarcan, and Aimee Bossler are especially excited to step on the dirt after the season being cancelled their junior year. 

Senior Emma Tincher explained, “I can’t wait to be able to play my favorite sport with my favorite people!” As the first baseman for the team, she loves being involved in all of the best plays of the game from her infielders. 

Center fielder Maddie James shared, “It is bittersweet knowing that the seniors last year didn’t get an opportunity to play, but we want to do our best for them.” The senior class of 2020, Brooke Duddleson, Becca Georke, and Lauren Sandor, were only able to play in a single game with all of the seniors in their area..  

The team is looking for payback against New Prairie after losing to them in Sectionals in 2019, and regain the title for Sectional Championship, then make a state run. The team looks for a big contribution from the help of the three sophomores, Pitcher Savannah Hamilton, Third Baseman Morgan Sandor, and outfielder Madeline Wrobleski. As a younger and smaller team, Saint Joe Softball looks to incorporate speed and agility into their strategies to win their games. 

The teams’ first game is in a mere two weeks!