AP Art takes a trip!


Tea Lazareto

In early March, AP Art went on the first, and most likely the final, field trip for Saint Joseph High School this year. With a class size of 11 students, AP Art received the approval to go on a short day trip to the South Bend Art Museum downtown to see the Scholastic Art exhibit. This exhibit featured art from fellow SJHS students and other student works selected for the Scholastic Art Awards. Some of the AP Art students were Scholastic Award winners themselves.

When asked about seeing her artwork on display, senior Caroline Pracht said,”It was really exciting to see my art displayed in the museum because of how much time and work I put into it. It was definitely a rewarding experience to see it hanging next to so many other amazing pieces of art!”

According to Mrs.Wiggington who works in the Main Office at Saint Joe,”AP Art is the only class to go on a field trip this year.”

In a normal school year, AP Art would not be the only class to take a field trip. Usually, the Biology classes, Mr.McCarthy’s World History class and the entire school would go to different locations on the St.Joy Day of Service for a field trip. Due to COVID, the amount of times the students leave the building in groups is much more limited.

Maggie Mark, a senior who went on this field trip stated,”I enjoyed Ms.Firestone’s bus driving skills, but I enjoyed bonding with my art classmates even more.”

These students who got the opportunity to go on this field trip were able to make the most from it and take inspiration, and more importantly, create deeper bonds with their fellow classmates and artists.