Four Obscure Holidays in March you didn’t know about

Have you ever Heard of Near Miss Day or Respect your Cat Day?


Robin Muccari

Digital illustration of the Earth and a moving asteroid. On March 23 1989 an asteroid passed by earth within a distance of roughly 500,000 miles.

Keaton Smith, Writer

These days there seems to be a holiday for everything from foods and desserts to days celebrating jobs. Saint Patrick’s Day may get all the attention but March has some much more unusual holidays.

Awkward Moments Day (Mar 18)

Everyone has experienced at least a few awkward moments in their lives. Such as the notorious waving back to someone, but it turns out that they were waving to the person behind you. Awkward moments day can be viewed as a day to lament about awkward events. It can also be viewed as that everyone is human and mistakes are quite normal.

Near Miss Day (Mar 23)

On a darker note Near Miss Day is the anniversary of a “close” interaction between Earth and a large meteor which happened on March 23 1989. Although “close” in space terms was about 500,000 miles. Which happens to be a similar distance as going around the equator 20 times.

Respect your cat day (Mar 28)

These days cats are more known for their videos that pop up on the internet here and there. As the name suggests Respect your Cat Day is about showing your cat how much you care about them. According to National Today 83% of Americans who celebrate this holiday do so by napping with them.

National Mom and Pop Business Day (Mar 29)

In current times small businesses have been struggling. Even before the pandemic small businesses had to deal with mega corporations such as Walmart and Amazon. Of course you should try to shop local to support these businesses, but not all forms of support come in monetary value. Something as simple as following their social media account or thanking them can go a long way.

Digital illustration of a small business. Small businesses have unfortunately been hit hard during the pandemic. (tarras79)

There are many more holidays throughout the year and even in March. Every now and then you’ll find a more regular holiday such Awkward Moments Day. To look at other holidays this month you can visit National Today by clicking on the link below.

National Today March Holidays