Women’s History Month

The Celebration of Women Everywhere


Jane Goodall contributed to a lifelong study of chimpanzees

Emma Tincher

The month of March is declared Women’s History Month. This month is used to celebrate all the amazing women in history who have influenced our culture and society. 

We use this month to reflect on the actions of some amazing women in our history that have helped fight for women’s equality and the equality of different races. Women like Rosa Parks go down in history forever, but are especially celebrated this month. Not only was Rosa a woman, she was also a Black woman who helped spark the Civil Rights Movements, arguably one of the most important times in history. Not only did she fight for the equal rights for Black Americans everywhere, she also set a great example for women. She showed women courage and a desire to do right in this world. She drove other women, especially Black women, to stand up for themselves with confidence. 

The celebration of Women’s History Month dates back to 1978. In Sonoma, California a school district held a weeklong celebration of women’s contribution to culture, society and history. The idea of celebrating women began to spread to other schools and hundreds of students. Eventually, the idea spread across the country and President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8th as National Women’s History week. As years passed, the National Women’s History Project successfully petitioned Congress in order to expand the celebration to a month. 

The celebration of women continues this month and everyday. We recognize women in sports such as Serena Williams and women in science such as Jane Goodall. But especially, we celebrate the women around us such as our brave mothers and daughters. Women continue to make an impact on this world inspiring millions everyday and will continue to influence those around them for years.