New Student Business: “STORM”


The “STORM” team. (Instagram)

Luke Thomas, Author

Seniors Natalie Moore and Tessa Berente are a part of Startup Moxie.  Startup Moxie is a duel credit entrepreneurship course offered at Saint Joseph and many other High Schools in the area and nation.  Participants in Startup Moxie are challenged to create a business from scratch with a group of fellow students from surrounding High Schools.  Through being involved in Startup Moxie, Natalie and Tessa have created the business “STORM”.

“STORM” is a five-week workshop business that targets middle school aged girls.  Tessa and Natalie attempt to teach these young girls self-confidence and self-efficacy as they explore potential careers they may pursue in the future.  Tessa and Natalie created “STORM” because they feel as though there is a big problem related to the lack of girl’s self-confidence, especially in the work place.  “STORM” tackles five modules: strength, take control, opportunity, resource, and mastery.  These five modules are highlighted by Natalie and Tessa in their efforts to promote self-confidence among young girls.

In an interview Tessa Berente explained “young girls don’t speak up as much as boys do in class.  Young girls are also less likely to advocate for themselves.  We feel as through all the resources are stacked against young girls and this comes from their inner confidence.”  Through “STORM” Tessa and Natalie have been able to help build young girl’s confidence and their skill sets so these young women are able to dream big and reach for the stars.  “STORM” helps young girls see their future in the lens of success and gives them the chance to explore all the jobs that they could potentially pursue as well as how to pursue these careers with confidence and effectiveness.

In order to get where “STORM” is today, many people have helped Tessa and Natalie out along the way.  Tessa credits their two moderators at Startup Moxie.  Through the help of their moderators Tessa and Natalie were able to enter the “McCloskey New Venture Competition” at Notre Dame.  The McCloskey New Venture Competition offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to test the validity of ideas and innovations in a real-world scene.  The Competition encourages competitors to refine their business plans, receive mentorship, and compete for prizes (e.g. resources and funding).  By entering the business pitch competition at Notre Dame, Tessa and Natalie have been able to connect with very successful business women from around the nation.  These women have assisted and mentored Tessa and Natalie through the process of creating and designing “STORM”.  Natalie and Tessa are eager to help young girls take the world by “STORM”!

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