Saint Joe Artist Spotlight: Hannah Tyler


Hannah Tyler

Born Free (Nov. 2020)

Maggie Mark, Staff Writer

A three sport student athlete and a captain on the Saint Joe Girls’ Lacrosse team, so how Hannah Tyler finds time to create such masterful pieces of both 2D and 3D art as a senior in AP Art, the world may never know. Of the many mediums Tyler creates in, she enjoys expressing herself primarily through clay sculpting, pencil drawing, and dabbles in acrylic painting every once in a while. When asked where her inspiration stems from, Tyler admitted, “I like to manipulate images into something different or do realism. [I draw inspiration from] past experiences and the world around me.” One such prized piece, entitled Born Free and otherwise known as “my pride and joy” by Tyler, depicts happiness and freedom through a picturesque lakeside scene, done entirely in colored pencil and probably required plenty of patience too.

Patience is a valued virtue in an AP Art class, as students put together a whole collection of pieces over the course of a school year that answer their sustained investigation, or SI. Tyler tasks herself with the portrayal of emotion, asking “How can I clearly show the emotions of anger, joy, jealousy, fear, conflict, comfort and hope in pieces of art?” Multiple works from her investigation are in the slideshow attached, ranging in size and dreamlike depictions of familiar sentiments.

Tyler leaves these words of wisdom for fellow and aspiring artists alike: “You can turn anything around you into something else just let your mind wander and keep drawing until you’re happy.”