Day in the Life of a Track C Student

Luke Thomas, Article

In our ever changing world, having an option for students to do all online school is quite the norm now.  Last March when Saint Joe made the unfortunate decision to switch to all remote learning for the rest of the academic year, it took students some getting used to.  Re-learning how to manage time and getting the motivation to do school in the comfort of our homes were new challenges students were faced with last year.  But now, going to in-person school feels just as foreign as remote learning once did.

At the start of this academic year, Saint Joe started the school year in “Mode C” which is when all students attend class remotely.  Throughout the school year Saint Joe has been able to work its away up from all remote to hybrid to all in-person class by following CDC guidelines and tracking county COVID-19 cases.  Although Saint Joe is in “Mode A” where all students attend class in-person, there is still an option for students to attend class remotely which is also referred to as “Track C”.  In Track C students attend all remote classes asynchronous with in-person students.  By offering students the ability to do Track C learning, Saint Joe has allowed students with underlying health conditions, at risk family members, etc. to feel safe and comfortable while also being also to learn at the same pace as in-person students.

As a Track C student, my day starts off with waking up about ten minutes before my 8:15 class.  These ten minutes allow me to get my computer, textbooks, and notebooks arranged for my classes.  Also I am able to grab a cup of coffee to start my day!  Unlike students in Track A (all in-person), I am able to sleep in a little longer and stay in the comfort of my room for my classes which is a “pro” for Track C.  After waking up and getting my materials pulled together, I go through my classes asynchronously with in-person students.  Although I am doing remote learning, I am still able to participate in class, take notes, actively pay attention, and collaborate with peers which allows me to get the most out of my Saint Joe education while being at home.  During in-person passing periods I am able to get up and stretch my legs and grab a snack between classes.  Flex period is a great time for me to knock out assignments without the distraction of other peers.

At home, I feel as though I have more time in my day to complete assignments.  I do not have to take away time in my day to drive to/from school.  This is beneficial to me because having those extra thirty minutes at the end of the day can be used to do assignments which allows me to get more work done before I go to lacrosse practice in the evening.  One “con” about Track C that I have discovered is the lack of peer contact.  I am a very social person so it is hard to not have friends to talk to throughout the day like I would have at school.  Overall, Track C is a great option for students to have while we are still overcoming this pandemic.