A Production to Remember-Another musical season in the books.


Kevin Gring

Junior Felicity Nolan sings in the musical Godspell

Brian Gring, Staff Writer

It was a long year for St. Joe theater. In a year ravaged by the pandemic, no-one expected any sort of theater performance at St. Joe, much less a full on musical.

After three months of hard work, St. Joe theatre performed in Godspell on March 25, 26 and 27. The cast and crew managed to successfully do four performances in the Alumni Gymnasium, all while following Covid-19 guidelines. Not a single member of the cast or crew contracted the virus nor was contact traced from a theater related event. The crew managed to turn the struggles of the pandemic into a magnificent set, with plexiglass boxes representing buildings in a beautiful city.

Just as the musical season itself was able to continue this year, the St. Joe theater traditions persevered also. The most cherished and well known: Senior Speeches. Every year, before the final performance, Seniors are invited to give a speech to their peers regarding their time in the theater program. This is known to be like a varsity night for theater students as they give their final words to fellow seniors and underclassmen alike. Often this is a bittersweet occasion. Backstage is filled with tears of sadness for the departing seniors and tears of joy for what is yet to come. This year, the senior speeches struck a particular cord with many, as the fall play and spring musical were a much needed ray of hope in the lives of many theater students.

Whether by the conditions made by the pandemic or by the great caliber of acting and singing on stage, this year’s spring musical is definitely one to remember.