Saint Joe Softball’s First Scrimmage Against Hobart High School

The First Game The Girls Have Played Together In Two Years.


Maddie James, Writer

The Saint Joe Softball team kicked off their season with a scrimmage against Hobart High School on Saturday afternoon. The team ended up scoring 9 runs against the 6 that Hobart scored. 

The way this scrimmage worked was that there were 10 batters per innings, no matter what, and there were four innings, with a total of 40 batters to total the game. Throughout those 40 batters, the Saint Joe team brought in three different pitchers to see some live hitting. Those pitchers were Savannah “Hammer” Hamilton, Kennedy Swope and Carly Bryant, who all pitched with amazing effort against Hobart for the defensive side. 

Almost all of the 17 players on the Saint Joe team walked away from this game with a hit, but exceptional effort from Emma Tincher, also known as “Big Red,” with the only triple of the game. She was knocked in for a run when catcher and third baseman Shea Ruszkowski hit a single RBI. 

Since Covid has limited the team in many ways, there is an alternative way to follow the game, play by play on an app called GameChanger. It tells you what batter is up, the pitch count, and gives a pitch by pitch play on what is happening. 

After a long awaited two years, the team has their first official game Tuesday, March 30, at Baker Field park against Mishawaka at 5pm.