Indiana Lifts Mask Mandate

Steps Towards Success

Emma Tincher

Just over a year ago our world was struck with COVID-19. The world was put on pause for a while, with schools shutting down, businesses closing, and limited contact with the outside world. Masks became required everywhere and you had to distance yourself from your own family and friends. But, better times are coming as we surpass the one year anniversary of COVID. People left and right are getting vaccinated and the world is beginning to see a little bit of normalcy.

On March 23rd, Governor Eric Holcomb announced he would be lifting the mask mandate on April 6, 2021. He announced that the state has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of cases, including hospitalization and deaths. Holcomb states he wants to see a “tail end to this pandemic” as we continue forward with our next steps. He also mentioned, “We showed we could balance and we showed we would persevere. And today we’re in a different and better place.” 

In addition to lifting the mask mandate, the COVID Vaccine will be opened to 16 year olds on March 31st. This is a huge step forward as we continue to get our community vaccinated. We still do not know how long this virus will be with us and it is our job to ensure our communities safety. By getting the vaccine, you are not only protecting yourself, you are protecting others. You protect yourself from getting sick with the virus and you ensure the safety of others by lowering the possibility of transmitting the virus. Wearing masks and socially distancing help decrease your chance of being exposed to the virus or spreading it to others. But, the vaccine works in your immune system to prepare it to fight the virus. 

As we venture through these uncertain times, it is important that we put the safety of ourselves and others first. Continue to be conscious of your decisions and take steps to help our community control the spread of COVID-19. Masks will continue to be required in schools and many other businesses, but the state easing the regulation is a sign that Indiana is making progress in combating the virus.