Senior Spotlight: Alayna Campbell


Last year, the girls tennis team was unable to have a season due to COVID. However, that did not deter the girls from working hard and looking to give it their all this year. Alayna Campbell, a returning Varsity player and team captain, is looking forward to her senior season, especially after COVID robbed her of her junior season. When asked about how she felt about losing last year’s season Alayna said,”It was really disappointing and it was hard not playing matches to motivate me but now I had extra time to practice and prepare for season.”

Even without the extra time to prepare, Alayna always works hard in the off season. Alayna has been part of the team and played for varsity since her freshman year, and has been playing the sport for seven years. Her consistent and strong performances over the past three years has paid off and allowed her to earn the title of co-captain with her fellow senior Kate Bellia. Alayna’s favorite memory with the team is when she would,”[jam] to a star is born with Alexis, Kayla, and Lizzy.”

When asked about how she felt this season being her last, Alayna responded,”It’s a little upsetting, but I’m ready to move on from high school and continue at St.Mary’s.” Alayna will bring her talent, leadership, and the lessons she’s learned from this season on with her as she continues her career at Saint Mary’s this fall.