PLTW Celebrates its Seniors


The Covid-19 pandemic affected the school in many different ways. For many, it was the cancellation of spring sports, whereas others missed out on yearly traditions. For the Project Lead the Way class, it was their White Coat ceremony. A ceremony that has been long anticipated since the first day of school for the class of 2021 PLTW students. On Sunday March 21, the science department took the time to honor our Project Lead the Way Seniors, in their White Coat Ceremony and finally deliver their long awaited rewards.

After last year’s Ceremony was postponed due to the pandemic, seniors Manny Alaniz, Halle Gilbert, Sam Brennan, Emma Albertson, Kayley Bognar, Charlie Peterson, Mason Booth, Izzy, Kamyah Summers, Avery Herendeen, Caeden Rhynhearson, Trevor Johnson all were finally able to be recognized for all their hard work and dedication throughout these past four years. From labs to autopsies and cures for made up vaccines in a lab students called “Operation Kill FLUFF,” a made up virus eradicated with legitimate vaccine procedures.

“This ceremony has always been anticipated. For as long as we can remember, we have always looked forward to the day that we would be able to dawn our white coats and show the world that our dreams are more than just thoughts, but rather something that can be spoken into existence” says one senior.

They were given a white coat, a symbol of their graduation from the Biomedical class, as well as a rite of passage towards their studies in college. Many of the seniors hope to stay on track for a medical career, and will go to college well accustomed to the lab setting as well as with a great deal of medical information. Congratulations to the seniors for their dedicated work.