Coming 2 America

Kailyn Lax, Movie Reviewer

The Original Coming to America 

In the year of 1988, Eddie Murphy starred in a popular movie called Coming to America. The movie is about an African prince named Prince Akeem who doesn’t ask for much. During the movie he realizes that he doesn’t want an arranged marriage, but he wants to find a wife on his own who will love him, in spite of him being a prince. In order to fulfill this goal of his, he runs away to America with his best friend, Semmi, to find his soon to be Queen. In America he has to blend in, so he goes through some obstacles to get through his “personal mission.”

Number TWO! 

This year, in 2021, they came out with part two! In this movie, Prince Akeem finally becomes the King, and we find out that him and his Queen have three daughters! In the movie we find out that King Akeem has an unknown son who starts to come around. Due to Akeem having a son no one knew about, it troubles his family, especially his oldest daughter; who was expecting to become Queen. Throughout the movie, his son Lavelle struggles to prepare for the throne, and the movie takes us alone with his Journey.

Was the movie up to par? 

There was a lot of debate as to whether the movie was as good as the first one. A lot of people didn’t enjoy the movie as much. Some people say that it took them too long to come out with part two. What do you think?