Seniors Take Competition by Storm

Friends and Classmates Tessa Berente and Natalie Moore Become Business Partners


Maddie James, Writer

Seniors partners Tessa Berente and Natalie Moore are taking the world by storm in their Startup Moxie Class. These two friends started a business called World by Storm that empowers women and builds self esteem. Their instagram (@_worldbystorm) explains that it is “centered around giving girls the confidence and tools they need to view their future through the lens of success.” 

Recently, the two seniors competed in the 2021 McCloskey High School Venture Competition. They ended up taking first place and winning a cash reward. With this award, they are able to present their ideas Friday, April 23, at the University of Notre Dame for Idea’s Week. 

Idea Week at Notre Dame is a week where anyone, entrepreneurs, a new student, or just simply interested in participating. This local event is a way to express ideas and innovation, like our own two seniors right here at Saint Joseph High School. 

Their instagram posts female empowerment ideas and quotes so every girl can take the world by storm. For National Women’s Day, they shared statistics of populations of women in the Stem field, along with more valuable information that increases confidence and knowledge for women. Team Storm has been working vigorously among the other Moxie groups to grow their business ideas. 

Tessa and Natalie are asking their fellow classmates if they can come out and support them on Friday as they pitch their business ideas. For more information, visit the World by Storm instagram page at @_worldbystorm.