Saint Joe Prepares to Welcome International Students

Jonathan Liu

Saint Joe’s International Student Exchange Program has some exciting news!  Two students, one from Italy and one from Spain, have already applied to the program for the 2021-2022 school year. These applicants are now looking for host families who are willing to welcome them into their homes.

Ms. Bethany Burgun, Director of Mission Advancement at Saint Joe, says, “Saint Joe partners with several different organizations that send international students to the U.S. We have a new partner called ASSE that’s been around since the 1960s”. Saint Joe is partnering with ASSE International, an organization that focuses on foreign exchange programs around the world. This organization has offices in over 25 countries worldwide, bringing in new students from a great variety of cultural backgrounds.

Living in another country for an entire school year is something that most people never have the chance to do. Saint Joe is thrilled to be able to offer this enriching experience to foreign students, and is happy to welcome people from different backgrounds to its student body. Giving these students the chance to experience Saint Joe and share their different views and culture promises many lessons and wonderful experiences. The school ultimately hopes to offer these exchange students an unforgettable experience and welcome during their stay in this country.

Ms. Burgun and Ms. Ushela have both worked very hard to make this program possible during this time. Saint Joe looks forward to welcoming more international applicants in the coming years, and cannot wait to see what unfolds from their experiences.