Senior Awards to Take Place Wednesday May 20th

Hunter Horan, Writer

Attention Seniors! One of the last activities you will be able to take part in at Saint Joe is happening this Wednesday and is a great opportunity to be proud of your accomplishments over the past four years.

While many evens have been cancelled this year due to the pandemic, the staff still wants seniors to be recognized for their great work, even during these hard times. These Senior Awards will take place on Wednesday, May 2oth, at 11:45. These will take place after senior finals, so any senior is able to come to this celebration.

Seniors need to show up by 11:30 with cap and gown on near the chapel before the ceremony starts. Family members are permitted to attend, but they must RSVP by using the link sent to parents and students in the email about the ceremony. If any seniors have not filled out the survey about colleges and scholarships, they should as soon as possible if they want to be recognized for their future endeavors and achievements. Ms. Gallagher has assured people that the ceremony will only be around an hour long, so those students who are afraid of four hour-long slogs need not to fear.

This is not meant to be something super formal, but rather a fun event for the community to come together for one last time and to congratulate each other on their hard work at this high school. Getting through high school during these times while maintaining high academic standards is no easy feat, so all should come to this event