Trader Joe’s Grand Opening in South Bend

Jane Lloyd

With a new vision for wholesale, Trader Joe’s has been a popular grocery store destination since its initial opening in 1958. As its legacy of gold standard goods grew, Trader Joes expanded from Pasadena California all the way to New York City and down the entire eastern seaboard. Today there are over 500 locations in the United States, just recently opening up another one here in South Bend! It opened on E Howard street Friday August 20. 

While being known for its name brand products, Trader Joes is highly regarded for being affordable and delivering high quality produce to its customers. In addition to quality, Trader Joes is the manufacturer of a vast majority of its products allowing for a drastic reduction in prices. This goes across the board from its cheeses, bread and unique blend of products including special gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options. 

A bonus of Trader Joes is its proximity to Saint Joe and Notre Dame. With prime real estate just off of Eddy Street commons, TJ’s will be a hub of students and staff from both institutions; as the location of the new Trader Joes is just .6 miles from Saint Joe. This offers students the perfect opportunity to stop for a snack before or after school or on the way to events at campus! Supporting this local business is good for South Bend’s economy, so get after it Saint Joe! 

My personal recommendation- Joe’s-O’s, the Trader Joes take on Oreos:10/10 recommend.