Old: Shyamalan’s Worst Film Yet

Old: Shyamalans Worst Film Yet

Theo Mager

M. Night Shyamalan’s Old received a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it barely deserves that. He’s had success in the past providing drastic twists at the end of his films like the Sixth Sense but the twist for this film is very underwhelming. The story stars a family of tourists who all find their way to a mysterious beach. Immediately, events start to raise suspicion and concern. When the families start to get worried and want to leave, that’s when the real problems begin. Soon as the group begins to age rapidly, panic ensues and decision making gets significantly worse. From a rating of zero to ten, I’d give it a four, as it has a good story but is not long enough to provide a good explanation.

Warning Spoilers Ahead:

The living members continue aging and they try to figure out what is the cause. The group decides to try to get off the island, and more die in the process. Eventually only the two main characters are left, brother and sister, now aged 40s. As the clock winds down, they find a message from a toddler they meet in the beginning, who gives them the key to escape. The siblings narrowly make it off the beach, and it is painfully unclear how they make it back to the resort. It becomes clear that the beach is an experiment for medicine, but the police are soon brought in and end the cruel practices. While the idea is good, it was not drawn out or explained enough to create a satisfying ending. Shyamalan uses graphic imagery and doesn’t bring the story full circle.