SECO Strives to Help the School Go Green


Caroline Mereness, Reporter

Saint Joe’s very own SECO had their first meeting on Wednesday hoping to kick off another impactful and meaningful year. The Social and Ecological Concerns Organization seeks to educate fellow Saint Joe students on how to better serve their community and environment through the many events, from sales of fair trade goods to beautifying local parks. 

This year, the new SECO co-presidents, Katie Lavelle, Elle Dickson, and Bridget Daugherty, along with moderator Mrs. Kershner, are thrilled to jump head first into a new year with many opportunities to spread their cause. Lavelle says that this year, SECO is “planning to get really involved around the community with monthly river clean-ups and other new projects” that the new co-presidents are bringing to the table. Dickson hopes that SECO is able to “make small changes around St. Joe to make the school more eco-friendly and spread the important message that the Earth deserves to be saved.” 

Both Lavelle and Dickson feel that they have personal connections and obligations to do what they can to make the environment and the world around us even slightly better than when they found it. Dickson grew up in the outdoors and often spent her free time playing outside and camping, but has felt a call to action over the years as she has noticed a “clear change in the Earth.” Lavelle feels tied to the environment citing its deeper ties to society stating that “many people’s well-being and quality of life is affected by issues in the environment that are controllable” by members of the community. 

The co-presidents are jumping head first into a new year with many ideas to help Saint Joe, and the surrounding community, become a greener, cleaner, and more enjoyable place to call home. If you have any questions or are interested in joining, be sure to email Mrs. Kershner ([email protected]) or any of the co-presidents: [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]