Underclassmen Adjust to High School This Year

As the 2021-2022 school year kicks off, there are not one, but two classes of freshman, one metaphorical. The sophomores, class of 2024, had an unconventional introduction to the Saint Joe family. They started their freshman year online, eager to be in uniform and interact with their peers. Only to be thrown into a hybrid mode, just to inevitably go back to entirely virtual.

Never having seen any of your peers without a mask, or recognizing teachers in the hallways, or meeting many upperclassmen, takes a lot from one’s high school experience. So, not only are this year’s sophomores adjusting to more challenging courses, and chances to play varsity sports. They are also experiencing their first normal home football games, first homecoming week, first school dance, and for many, first encounter with lockers.

Sophomore Nadia Firestone says, “I’m glad we’re back in school, It’s the best feeling getting to know my classmates without distance.”

Some things we can do as a student body to get to know the sophomore class especially, are encouraging members of the class of 2024 to get involved with clubs and activities that were not available to them last year because of covid-19. We can also make sure to say hello to any new face in the hallway, that face might not always be an underclassman, but meeting new people is always a positive and encouraging circumstance.

Advice to a current sophomore reading this would be to create relationships with your teachers this year that you couldn’t have last year, and greet people with smiles that nobody could see last year.