Mr. Kennedy on the COMEBACK year

Kyle Fernandez, Reporter

Since Mr. Kennedy is entering his fourth year as a high school principal, the entire Saint Joe Student body is curious about his excitement for the new year and his goals for us to have a great comeback year. 

Just like the Class of 22’ Mr. Kennedy just started his fourth year. When asked about how excited he was about this upcoming year, he said, “Of course coming off of last year and how difficult it was, this year, it’s a new feeling. It’s great to be together and so great to see everybody. I’m really excited for sort of the rebound/comeback year and plus this is like my fourth year so it’s the fourth year with the class of 22 so I’m really excited about just having a great year with the seniors and of course welcoming in all of our new students.”

Obviously for Saint Joe to have the great year Kennedy wants, there has to be some effort on our end to contribute. Some goals he hopes to achieve this year are for kids to come seek help academically. Some kids obviously feel behind due to the challenges of the COVID year that took place. There will be academic support for anyone who seeks it and he wants everyone to not feel bad if they are a little behind.

One thing he said that the student body could do better was, “ to be super supportive of one another and sort of build family through acts of kindness right. Some of our themes shown and the lifting of each other up. One specific way you could do that is thinking about how you interact on social media. I never want to see any of our students sort of tear someone else down or put things out there on social media that are negative or divisive. I really want us to come together again.” 

Everyday lets try to lend a helping hand and be the light of the school. Only through that, will we be able to have the year that we all deserve.

Mr. Kennedy and the beautiful smiles that fill up Saint Joe