Senior Artist Spotlight: Sanaya Firestone


Megan Ryal

Here at Saint Joe, there is so much talent amongst the student body. Whether it is athletics, theatre, or the arts, students find so many different ways to express themselves. One senior, Sanaya Firestone, has created many pieces of art during her time here at Saint Joe. Her first art class here was with her mom, Ms. Firestone, in her Intro 2D class.

One thing artists have to specialize in is patience. Sanaya does not like to rush her pieces, as she has a couple of projects she’s been working on and off for over a year. One of her favorite paintings she’s created is her one of actor Timothee Chalamet. Another piece she just recently finished is one of Harry Styles. It’s an oil painting with a portrait of Styles, as well as many vibrant patterns.

Firestone mentioned how she “…wanted to include a variety of his outfits, no matter the color, pattern, or style. I used a lot of different colors and designs to make it really stand out compared to the simplicity of him.”

Being an artist comes with the freedom to create whatever you want, especially things that peak your interest. Firestone is taking AP art classes this semester, and hopes to continue to pursue her artistic career next fall!

But one of Firestone’s biggest piece of advice is to “take as many art classes as you can. Even if you don’t think you’ll succeed, it’s still fun to take!’

Be sure to check out more of Sanaya’s pieces in the art hallway this year!