Indians take on their toughest competition yet

Kyle Fernandez, Reporter

The 10th ranked Saint Joseph tennis team traveled to Fishers over the weekend and they did not disappoint. 

On a windy and cloudy day, the boys knew they were going against tough competition. Playing three matches in a day is hard but playing against three other top 20 teams makes it even more challenging. 

In the first match, the Indians took down 17th ranked Floyd Central 3-2 as easy wins came from 1 singles, Daniel Pries and 2 singles, Kyle Fernandez. They then look over to see 1 doubles which consisted of Davis Borders and Colin Blumentritt win close and tough and it was all celebration from there. The Indians win 3-2.

In the second match they played 20th ranked Plainfield and it was all smooth sailing. The boys win 5-0.

The last match was the reason why the boys traveled down to Indy over the weekend. In the finals, it was Saint Joseph versus 7th ranked Fishers. The sun was starting to come out and the stage was set. Daniel Pries wins a heated and dramatic match as he wins 6-4, 6-2. With the momentum going in their way, Fishers’ doubles seemed too tough for the Indians. Both doubles lose and all eyes go to 3 Singles, Ben Amat and 2 Singles, Kyle Fernandez for the win. Unfortunately the odds were to too stacked against them. After 3 singles loses, 2 singles in the last one playing and he wins 7-6 (3), 6-2. The boys come up in second place as they lose 3-2 against a very talented Fishers.