Saint Joe Fall Spirit Week Themes


Grace Ryal, Reporter

This week we kicked of our Saint Joe spirit starting with the traditional Pajama Day. Many students wearing a wide variety of pajamas from sweatpants to robes. The most common theme among students was sweatshirts and sweatpants, as it is comfortable and can be sleepwear.

Tuesday theme was Spirit Wear to show our school spirit and appropriate clothing for our all school Mass that day. Many students wore khakis and a spirit shirt, while some wore dress-code approved jeans to match with their style.

Wednesday was Mismatch/Opposite day, and students really went all out for this theme. Some students wore the opposite of what they usually wear on a day to day basis and others mismatched shoes and patterns. Many teachers popped off such as Mr. Kostielney and Mrs. Fink, with very mismatch outfits.

Thursday’s theme was Y2K day, with outfits inspired from the early 2000’s. Students inspiration for their outfits were celebrities such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Fridays theme is Avatar Day, with each grade as different signs. Freshman are air, Sophomores as water, Juniors as fire, and Seniors as earth. We end our day with a Pep Rally to prepare for Friday nights game at home against New Prairie. Fridays football theme for the game was Western and many people showed up In cowboy hats and flannel shirts.