Candyman: The Rundown



There is a new movie titled “Candyman” directed by Nia DaCosta. The main story is about a man named Anthony McCoy who is an aspiring artist who gets told of a story that inspired him. The story was about a lady named Hellen Lyle who was writing a college thesis about the “myth” of the Candyman. The story goes that Hellen went insane whilst studying in the town of Caprini Greene and took a baby to sacrifice it in a bonfire to the Candyman. Anthony took that information and wanted to do an art piece on it.

 He went around taking pictures of Cabrini Green trying to find something interesting. While taking pictures he was stung by a bee which would mean a lot later on. Nearby he saw an open laundromat inside there was a man who experienced the Candyman. His name was William Burk and he told Anthony the origins of Candyman. There was a man named Daniel Robitaille. 

He was an artist who drew and painted portraits of people. One day Daniel fell in love with a white woman, he was black,  who he was doing a portrait of. He impregnated her. Her father learned about it and sent groups of men to beat him. So they found him, beat his face in, cut off his hand with a rusty saw, and spread honey on his chest for the bees to go on his chest and sting him. 

In the spot of the old hand they stuck a hook there. After Anthony learned that he became even more intrigued. He went all in on his art project and by time the next art show he had a full display on his set of the art pieces about the Candyman. The art critic hated it. But that night the people running the show who also did not like his display tried what the display was for. They said Candyman 5 times into the mirror in which the Candyman heard the calling and killed them.

The next day his art pieces were blowing up because of the murder. He was proud and decided that he would call the Candyman. Nothing happened so he thought that it was all fine. Soon enough he would start to see flashes of the Candyman in the mirrors until he finally figured out he was real. He fully figured out that because the critic called him after his art piece’s was becoming famous and while he was there he fully saw the Candyman. 

Also after he left she called the Candyman and he killed her. As the movie moves forward Anthony’s girlfriend thinks he is going insane because he believes in the Candyman now and she tried to call him but Anthony took the glass and smashed it. She thought he fully went crazy and left. The next day she went looking for him and ended up at the laundry place and the man that told Anthony the story took her. 

He took her to a church where he explained everything. He said that Anthony was the baby from the story and that Hellen saved him while trying to stop the Candyman. So since then Anthony was just being prepared to become the Candyman. The bee was from the Candyman and the bee’s sting gave him the look of the Candyman. Then William switched his hand for a hook. His goal was for the forgotten town of Cabrini Green to become big again with another sighting of the Candyman. Long story short Anthony’s girlfriend stopped William, and Anthony was going to survive until the cops arrived and ended up killing him. Then Anthony’s girlfriend summoned Candyman through their rear view mirror to kill the cops. He appeared and spared her life but as compensation was for her to tell the tale.

I give this movie a 9/10. I highly recommend it, It just came out not too long ago so it should stay in theatres for another while.