From Friends to Foes, the Drake and Kanye Beef

Dani Graham

Do you think ‘Certified Lover Boy’ has made a better impact on its listeners than ‘Donda’? Are you a Kanye fan or a Drake fan, or both? For those who aren’t quite sure of either answer, this is a safe place to discuss the famous beef between Aubrey Drake and Kanye West.

The two rappers became friends in 2009, when tweets were exchanged between Drake and Kanye complimenting each other’s most memorable lyrics. Shortly after, in early 2010, Drake was spotted with an ex-girlfriend of Kanye’s, and almost instantaneously had his million dollar verses cut from Kanye’s up and coming album, ‘Graduation.’

More recently in 2018, Kanye allegedly matched Drake’s release date when he came out with a joint album alongside Pusha T. Drake took to twitter to call out the rapper informally known as “Yeezy” or “Ye.” He also proceeded to buy out the first two rows of their debut concert. After this incident, Kanye no longer seemed to have any respect for Drake, as he had been name dropped in multiple of Drakes’ songs and disrespected by him on the internet a number of times.

“There would never be a Drake without Kanye West so never come out [of] your mouth with a threat.” A tweet from Kanye’s account, posted on December 13, 2018.

This August, Kanye and Drake both took to social media to announce their new albums, not coincidentally dropping within a week of one another. Both rappers have alluded to doing so in order to compete for the charts and finally prove who is the more influential musician and man. 


(Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)
Today, Drake has 13 of the 21 songs on his new album, ‘Certified Lover Boy’ in the top 15 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Meanwhile, ‘Donda’, Kanyes’ new album has one song within the top 50 spots, coming in at number 50.