Social Ecological Concerns Organization


Katie Lavelle, Reporter

For students looking to make a change in this world related to social and environmental issues, St. Joe’s SECO club is a perfect fit. The Social and Ecological Organization is a growing part of the Saint Joe Community and is looking forward to a successful year of change in and out of the school. 

Senior leaders Elle Dickson and Bridget Daugherty are planning several projects looking to better our school community’s environmental impact. 

Daugherty shared that this year the club is, “taking action more and learning more about the environment and how we can help it.” Dickson echoed Daugherty’s message about informing the community when she stressed how this year the club is looking to “bring awareness to the many struggles within the environment.” She also expressed the club’s goal of wanting to “help educate the community on recycling because [we as a school community] recycle now!” 

The Club also looks forward to getting involved outside the community through bi-weekly park and river beautification at Leaper Park. Some goals for this year include reforming the waste


production at lunchtime through alternative forms of food storage, school-wide recycling reform, and keeping St. Joe and the surrounding area litter-free. 

Both Daugherty and Dickson are enthusiastic about the future of SECO at St. Joe and look forward to seeing many new faces at the meeting either before or after school every other Wednesday where Dickson stresses “we have yummy treats!”