Get To Know Our New Chaplain: Father Geoff Mooney

Get To Know Our New Chaplain: Father Geoff Mooney

MacKenzie Schmeltz

At 5’4″ new chaplain Father Geoff Mooney is “small but mighty” and so excited to be a part of the Saint Joe family. 

Father Geoff grew up in Southern Indiana, and went to Catholic school growing up. He attended Notre Dame to study Math and Theology, and found a passion for teaching others. Taking this drive for education, he moved to Florida to teach high school math. He also took up running and became an assistant coach for the Cross Country and Track teams, loving to be immersed in the excitement of the students’ lives.

He felt, however, this call to give back to the Catholic school community in a deeper way. On his journey of discernment, he found that he loved the “relational piece” of being in education, going beyond the classroom and “just teaching facts;” rather being involved in ministry and teaching “how to be members of a community.” With this in mind, he joined the seminary at Notre Dame and was ordained on April 10, 2021. 

One of Father Geoff’s favorite parts of ordained life is performing baptisms, especially with small children. He delights in seeing new parents bring their child to the Church, and felt honored to have the task of recently baptizing the daughter of one of his close friends. Father also enjoys celebrating all school mass with us, “looking out and seeing [us] gathered as a tight knit community,” not hindered in our ability to come together by the protocols in place. He notes that all schools can gather for a reason, but what makes Saint Joe special is the ability to gather for prayer and to live out our common belief. 

Father Geoff is currently stationed at Christ the King Parish, but normally spends Thursdays at Saint Joe where students can celebrate morning mass with him or receive the sacrament of confession.