A Fun Weekend at the Four Flags Area Apple Festival


Benjamin Amat, Staff Writer

On a gloomy Sunday afternoon, the final day of the Four Flags Area Apple Festival took place. After two years of not having the festival due to the pandemic, locals from all around flocked to finally enjoy the festivities of fall. Taking place across the street from Niles High School, people from all around came to celebrate the start of apple picking season. There were rides, carnival games, and rows upon rows of vendors selling anything from woodworking to butter.

The festival officially started on September 28, but activities started on Thursday, September 30. Activities ranged from pancake breakfasts every morning, to puppet shows, and to the “biggest apple contest.” There was also a grande parade that went through the area on Saturday.

Visiting on Sunday, I had a blast going on the rides. They had many classics, such as a giant ferris wheel, the Music Express, and a hang glider ride. They also had more extreme rides as well, such as a sling shot ride, and a pendulum ride.

The food was extremely good there. Several vendors sold their home made apple pie and apple treats. I also managed to try some corndogs and even a giant creme puff. These Creme Puffs were featured on the famous Carnival Eats show broadcasted on the Cooking Channel. These puffs did not disappoint, and they spanned the size of over my hand! They were delicious as well with flaky puff pastry on the outside, and oozing, sweet custard billowing out from it.

The Festival looks to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, and hopes to plan big things for that event.