Freshman and Sophomores Grow Stronger in Faith through Retreat

Kyle Fernandez, Reporter

Freshman and sophomore retreat took place this past Thursday and Friday.  Due to Covid-19, the sophomore class was unable to experience this event last year.

Demascus Missionary came to campus to help open the horizons of the faith for the 9th and 10th graders. Separated in groups and by gender, the teachers that helped asked how each and every one of them saw Jesus and what their relationship with Him was like. Following these group discussions, Chrisanne talked to them about her up and down relationship with God. She brought up how when she was growing up, it all just felt like forced chores. Then when getting to high school, she pretended to have faith to just please her parents and that only pushed her further away from her faith. Then in college after talking to a priest, she was told that she should not feel obligated to attend Mass every time and do all the things that the Church says. The relationship will always be there and God will never not love his children. Some students related to her talk and some lives were changed.

After her talk, the students were able to go outside, enjoy the weather, and play games. They were also delighted with pizza.

To finish up the great day, the students had Adoration then Mass. With the great chaplains the Saint Joe community has, students were able to enjoy the Mass even more. Even though the students did not have a real school day filled with Math, History, and Science, they were able to learn about something way more important; their relationship with God.