Halloween Costumes for 2021

Halloween Costumes for 2021

Sophia Rozycki

As we dive deeper into Fall, we become frantic with the realization that Halloween is fast approaching. If you need costume ideas, then look no further, below are some of the most popular and prominent costumes being purchased for 2021.

Starting off strong we have “Bezos in Space”. This costume mimics Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, and his journey to space that occurred this past July. A second costume idea this Halloween is the vaccine. While the vaccine may have had its fair share of the spotlight, as a costume, this idea is quite humorous.

A third costume that continues to grow more and more popular is a Squid Games character. Released to Netflix September 17th, this show has already gone viral across the globe, with over 22.8 billion views. To dress according to the show, one should wear an outfit as the contestants do, or a guard.

A fourth costume idea this Halloween is dressing as Kim Kardashian in her latest Met Gala outfit. This outfit received much attention when it made its first appearance on September 13th. The fifth and final costume idea for this Halloween is being a character from Outer Banks. This could be either a “pogue” or “kook” or any other background character.

Good luck deciding on a Halloween costume!