Top 5 Artists or Bands To Be Added To Your Fall Playlist

Autumn vibes, hello autumn.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Autumn vibes, hello autumn.

Megan Ryal, Reporter

With the seasons changing, so does a person’s taste in music. Most people typically transition from their summer vibes playlist to more relaxing and softer albums. Since the seasons have already started to transition, why not suggest some artists or albums that offer the ultimate fall vibes?

1. The Lumineers With three released studio albums and a total of 19 singles, The Lumineers have accumulated quite the following. Their most famous songs include “Ho Hey” with 724,616,812 streams on Spotify as well “Ophelia”. Both songs come from their album Cleopatra, released in 2016. The Lumineers offer those banjo, sitting on top of a mountain vibes that can perfect your fall playlist.

2. Caamp A band I’ve recently discovered, Caamp, similar to The Lumineers, cultivates their own, unique type of music. With a variety of folk, rock and bluegrass genres incorporated throughout their pieces, this band has two albums and over fifty songs to listen to. The band originated in Ohio, and has many songs that radiate the same energy as drinking a pumpkin spice latte while hiking in the fall, such as “All The Debts I Owe” and “Vagabond”.

3. Hozier This 31 year-old alternative/indie artist has a soft, soothing voice, and produces mellow music. Originating in Co Wicklow, Ireland, Andrew Hozier-Byrne has three albums, offering a variety of different songs for listeners. His most streamed song “Take Me To Church” has drawn in many different audiences, as people love how soulful the song is. “Cherry Wine” and “Like Real People Do” are also a must adds for the ultimate fall playlist.

4. Mumford & Sons This alternative/indie band has four members, and began their debut in 2007. They are not related, despite their name, but the name is meant to evoke the sense of an antiquated family vibe. With six released albums, Mumford & Sons can be described as a down to earth, Nature Valley granola bar kind of band. “Winter Winds” and “October Skies” are definitely ones to listen to when looking them up on Spotify.

5. The Paper Kites A calming, Australian band who has five albums and over twenty singles and EP’s creates a balmy, gentle kind of music. One of their most famous releases “Bloom – Bonus Track” has over three hundred million streams, and deserves a spot on your playlist. Their albums definitely have a mellow ambience that accommodate all audiences.

While there are thousands of bands and artists out there, these are just a couple that offer that warm, fall vibe some of you might be wanting to listen to.